Health Insurance for Children - The Current Situation

The new healthcare legislation has created a number of problems for those of you who are trying to obtain health insurance for a child.

Essentially, all of the major carriers have discontinued selling any new child-only health insurance plans unless a parent or guardian is on the plan with the child.

The child-only health insurance plans we offer are the only plans you can buy without a parent or guardian on the plan with them. If there was an alternative, you can rest assured we would be selling it.

Please read this child-only health insurance letter to parents before you do anything else. It will help you make sense of this web site and give you a little guidance.

Yes, we do have child only health insurance plans.
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Available Health Insurance Plans for Children

We have managed to work around the problem by using Short Term Medical (STM). These are full major medical plans with multi-million dollar coverage and are written by “A” rated carriers.

Keep in mind that this is currently the only type of plan you can obtain for a child without having a parent on the plan with them.

Short Term Medical (STM) differs from traditional health insurance in the following ways :

  • The plans must be renewed every 6 months or 12 months (depending on what state you live in and the age of the child) By using more than one carrier, we can keep your child insured continuously without a break in coverage.

  • Pre-existing conditions and checkups are not covered. Sorry, but a parent would need to be on a plan with the child for a plan that will cover present and future pre-existing conditions.

  • The applications are generally one page and can be completed in about 5 minutes. We will even do it for you. Coverage can start as soon as the next business day.

Do not construe any of this to mean that the coverage is lacking. These child only health insurance plans will cover up to $2 million dollars in medical expenses.

If there was any way for us to write the "old style", traditional health insurance plans for children we would do it. But this is your best and lowest cost option until Congress fixes this mess.

Quotes and More Information

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Please do not hesitate to call us with your questions.

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